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The altMBA

The breakthrough course that will change the way you see and do.

No videos, simply projects, coaches, groups and a chance to do work that matters.

We have more than 4,000 graduates doing extraordinary work in organizations around the world.

Group work, no lectures. A chance to level up.

By application only. Find out more at

Writing in Community

Publish your book.

It works better together.

Writing, like most things, can be a solitary endeavor. But if we can find the right support network, we can make it easier, more productive and more joyful.

Here’s the opportunity: Stop talking about being a published writer and become one instead. We’re assembling a group of people who want to support each other in a 6-month journey to publish a book, your book, on the Kindle.

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The Story Skills Workshop

Work with bestselling author Bernadette Jiwa to learn to tell a better story.

Better stories help you engage with those you seek to serve.

And better stories help you make the change you seek in the world.

Author of eight bestsellers, Jiwa offers proven techniques for earning the trust and attention of the people you're working with.

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The Freelancer's Workshop

You deserve better clients.

If you work for yourself, your boss (that's you) might not be serving you well.

In this concise, straightforward workshop, you'll discover how to get what you need: better clients.

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The Podcasting Fellowship

Everyone should have a podcast.

Taught by the extraordinary Alex DiPalma, we start with the why and give you access to the confidence and the techniques you'll need. One of our grads just hit the top 10 in his category on iTunes. Currently in session, stay tuned for our next one.

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The Bootstrapper's Workshop

You can build a real business (and do it without outside investment.)

Build a real business, and do it without outside funding. A proven approach to creating a project based on generosity, not short-term hustle, this popular workshop opens the door for you to create a profitable business you can be proud of.

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The Marketing Seminar

The most popular marketing seminar in the world.

The Marketing Seminar is a 100-day workshop, with 50 video lessons, prompts every other day and a go-at-your-own-pace ethos that fits into any calendar. Taught by Seth Godin. Currently in session, starts again in January.

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The Business of Food

Based on the groundbreaking UC Berkeley MBA course.

The Business of Food Workshop is taught by famed entrepreneur and author Will Rosenzweig, and it’s based on his popular course at UC Berkeley–the Haas school is one of the top ten MBA programs in the country. Joined by guests like Alice Waters and Danny Meyer, this workshop is our most academic, giving participants a big picture overview at the same time they see a path for their own work.

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The Real Skills Virtual Conference

A live, global conference experience, unlike any other.

The Real Skills Virtual Conference is the first-ever worldwide live conference for developing real skills. It all happens from your computer, in a video conference format, face to face. You’ll hear from Seth Godin and the coaches from the Akimbo workshops. But far more important, you’ll be able to engage face to face (digitally!) with people like you. It’s a cross between a typical conference and an online workshop; you’ll be surrounded by people who want to make things better by making better things and work to create a roadmap forward in developing your real skills—all in just two hours.

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