A collaboration with CoCreate Work, the Culture Crash Course is a live, two-week virtual experience to demystify and understand the essentials of what culture is, how it works, and how you can start to transform culture right now. Culture is the strategy.

For many of us, we spend up to a third of our lives at work. That is a lot of our precious and limited time. More often than not, our experiences at work could be better. We believe work can be a transformational experience. One that fosters co-creation, connection, learning, collaboration, transformation and impact. Where people are able to fulfill their potential and show up with clarity, confidence, hope, joy and mutual respect for our shared humanity. We each have the opportunity to help make this a reality for ourselves and for others.

Akimbo Summer Camp is a virtual 4-day experience designed to inspire you, energize you and help you learn a new skill or two.

Why? Because we think adults deserve to go to summer camp too! Summer camp isn’t just for kids. Adults benefit just as much from having a space for discovery, connection, play and exploration. Akimbo Summer Camp is fully asynchronous so you can engage at the times that work for you and no matter your time zone you can participate and get the full experience. It's choose your own adventure, so you can engage in the daily on-demand activities that interest you based on the amount of time you have available each day. You can participate in camp activities with as little as 30 minutes a day. We’ve built a digital camp space on Circle where we’ll gather together as a community. Camp is happening as a long weekend because it isn’t about work, it’s about you as a whole person.

A live, one-day virtual workshop for people who want to build a successful online workshop or course

Thinking about creating an online course or workshop?‍ Do you want it to be dynamic, engaging and community-centric, not a boring series of videos that lack a sense of connection and impact? Are you feeling unsure where to start or what it takes to be successful? Wondering how you’ll find people who want to learn with you? This workshop gives you a roadmap for running a successful online workshop or course. You'll leave with clarity on your vision and a plan along with key starting assets including a learning journey outline and a sales page outline that you can put into action and test right away. We want to help you transform your workshop idea into a revenue-generating asset, without the need for expensive consultants or endless trial and error.

A live, virtual workshop for leaders who want to tap into their personal power and show up with greater intention and alignment at work.

Many of us are operating in work cultures where a sense of urgency can undermine our best attempts to be intentional and thoughtful in our work. And this sense of urgency undermines us showing up in our full power and agency. We thought, there has to be a different, better way.

A collaboration with Hella Social Impact, Forward Sprint is a live 5-day sprint where we generate forward motion together

When we’re connected and supported, we’re the opposite of stuck. Forward Sprint brings people together in a live one week (Monday-Friday) virtual sprint to work through 5 step process that helps you gain confidence, clarity and most importantly, forward motion.

A live, global conference experience, unlike any other.

The Real Skills Virtual Conference is the first-ever worldwide live conference for developing real skills. It all happens from your computer, in a video conference format, face to face. This isn't your typical conference. There aren't any speakers. It's about you and your work. This conference is about meeting people, forging connections, and learning together. This is what we believe conferences should be about. Inside, you'll engage in real-time conversations with other attendees from around the world in small groups of 4-5 attendees, in addition to bigger group discussions of several dozen attendees. It's a powerful way to see possibility and new paths forward.

Past Workshops

Our lineup rotates and changes because we value experimentation, iteration and giving things space to grow and evolve. You might have joined Akimbo in the past for a different workshop and wonder if it is still offered. Below is a list of past offerings and where to find them now.


Now an independent company from Akimbo and can be found at

The Bootstrapper’s Workshop with Seth Godin

Seth offers a Udemy version.

The Copy Workshop with Margo Aaron

Margo is now running Brainstorm Road with Kristin Hatcher. Brainstorm Road offers a virtual creative community for everyday people working on their dream projects.

The Creative’s Workshop with Seth Godin

Now a part of Seth’s Purple Space.


This was Akimbo’s virtual alumni community space until December 2022 and is no longer active. Ongoing maintenance of the space was not sustainable by the Akimbo Team. Many Akimbo alumni are now in Brainstorm Road and also have created their own independent alumni groups on LinkedIn and other social platforms.

The Freelancer’s Workshop with Seth Godin

Seth offers a Udemy version.

The Marketing Seminar with Seth Godin

Now part of Seth’s Purple Space.

The Podcasting Workshop with Alex DiPalma

Now run by long-time Podcasting Workshop Head Coach Steve Heatherington. Find it on Maven.

The Small Business Workshop with Ramon Ray

Follow Ramon’s work here.

The Story Skills Workshop with Bernadette Jiwa

Now part of Bernadette’s Story Republic.

Writing in Community with Kristin Hatcher

Kristin is now leading Brainstorm Road with Margo Aaron. Brainstorm Road offers a virtual creative community for everyday people working on their dream projects.

The Business of Food with Will Rosenzweig

Follow Will’s work here.

Akimbo’s Virtual CoWorking Space

This was a temporary virtual community providing connection during the Covid-19 pandemic.