Terms of Service

Akimbo provides workshops and other learning experiences using an online discussion platform. Sharing your work with others within your learning community and engaging in the process of giving and receiving feedback with your peers is core to the learning process.

As such, all students and participants must abide by our Terms of Service (TOS).

The terms of service are simple:

  • Treat people the way you’d like to be treated.

  • Give people the benefit of the doubt.

But simple is rarely easy so here are some additional guardrails:

  1. Be mindful of hot button issues.

    Yes, we need to talk about climate, about misogyny, about shifts in our culture and more. The problem is that we need to talk about them so much that they short circuit our ability to talk about the less urgent but still important issues we cover in this workshop. Be intentional and aware of the impact your post may have on other members of the community. There are many outside forums you can join or even start, and we’ll ask, regardless of the issue, for you to not focus on it here.

  2. Please don’t grab attention.

    Don’t put emojis or animation in your subject lines. Please don’t measure how many responses you get or how many people you can engage with. Attention and trust go hand in hand, but it’s trust that matters most. Find your cohort and trust the process. Show up generously and you’ll find you get more than you expect in return.

  3. Two ideas that sit side by side:

    a. Please keep conversations from this workshop inside the workshop. Don’t share anyone else’s words outside this forum without asking them first. b. Don’t post anything here that you’d be unwilling to see on the internet, because this is the internet.

  4. Please respect boundaries.

    Share and invite feedback based on personal understanding and interpretation of ideas presented in the lessons. Don’t share or invite feedback based on personal advice, personal beliefs, personal identity or someone else’s lived experience. Don’t pitch any products or services except in the pitches channel. Don’t swim until at least thirty minutes after eating.

This is a workshop. A brave space to explore, practice, and share creative work.

We reserve the right to have you leave the workshop if these rules are broken.

Thank you.