About Akimbo


Akimbo designs, produces and hosts online workshops and experiences that teach and model new and different ways of working and being in the world.

As an online learning studio and network, Akimbo is dedicated to bending the culture of education towards learning that is transformative, peer-to-peer driven, community-based and grounded in practical action (aka learning by doing). We work to equip people with the real skills, tools and knowledge to lead and make change happen.

We believe that learning is about more than tests, checking the boxes, getting the right answer and collecting shiny things.

To us, learning is about giving people around the world a chance to step into possibility and go on a journey together that opens doors at the same time that it transforms. 

We believe in learning that liberates. Each of us has more power than ever before to see the world as it is and to contribute to making things better. That’s why we create learning experiences that help people own their full humanity and agency in their lives.  

We have in-house projects, partner collaborations, events, exhibitions and more. Our lineup rotates and changes because we value experimentation, iteration, mistakes and giving things space to grow and evolve. 

Akimbo was founded in 2015 by Seth Godin.

In 2020, Akimbo became an independent Public Benefit Corporation.

Today, Akimbo is led by Marie Schacht, a member of Akimbo’s founding team.

Since its founding, Akimbo has served more than 25,000+ people in over 90 countries. 

Meet Marie Schacht

Akimbo’s Chief Executive Officer

Marie Schacht

Marie (she/her) has designed and run more than 100+ workshops, courses and trainings. Both online and in-person experiences ranging from a few hours to 200+ days. Her background in design, community building and alternative education offers a unique approach to creating dynamic and impactful learning experiences.

Most recently, she's led the development and operation of the altMBA, The Marketing Seminar, The Bootstrapper’s Workshop, The Freelancer’s Workshop, The Creative’s Workshop, The Small Business Workshop, The Business of Food Workshop, The Story Skills Workshop, Writing in Community, The Copy Workshop and The Real Skills Conference. She’s also an adjunct faculty member at North Carolina State University’s College of Design. 

Marie studied Architecture at the University of Virginia. Through her work with Akimbo and past projects, she is committed to designing new models and structures for learning, leading and doing business that are equitable and human.