A bonus for Akimbo alumni around the world.

The Akimbo Workshops have a growing network of more than 20,000 alumni in 120+ countries around the world.

  • Some of our alumni have started projects together.
  • Others get together regularly in person for a cup of coffee.
  • And a few have flown to other continents to meet each other.
  • They even go to each other’s weddings.
  • The common thread: lifelong connections with people who see you and you see them.

Among our alumni, there is a shared commitment to generosity, support, openness and doing work that matters.

We created Forward Link as a hub for our alumni. We wanted to continue to foster these important connections and our shared commitment to making a difference.

At the heart of Forward Link is the gift of feedback. A way to find the others who are on similar journeys and to stick together. You’ll find discussion boards filled with meaningful conversations and insights around your work and the work of others.

Here are some of the specific things you can do in Forward Link:

  • Stay up to date with the latest announcements from Akimbo Workshops HQ (deadlines, newsletter, event details)
  • Find collaborators for projects you’re working on
  • View and participate in special weekly prompts
  • Pitch your projects and get feedback
  • View and post your own resource recommendations
  • View and submit Linchpin jobs of the week (curated jobs worth doing)
  • While there are optional upgrades, joining Forward Link is available at no cost to all of our alumni. After you enroll and complete an Akimbo workshop, you’ll get additional details about how to join.