Black Lives Matter

June 2020

There’s a lot of work we have to do as a team at Akimbo.

We believe that transparency in our commitment to the long haul will help us go farther and deeper in this work.

Right now, we are deeply enrolled in analysing our organization’s current structures and systems. And we’re listening to community members' feedback.

We want to understand the role we are playing in perpetuating racial inequity and implicit biases. This deep analysis will help us shine a light on all the places we can make meaningful changes at Akimbo.

Our work on this is only beginning.

We will continue to take intentional action based on what we learn from this process.

Here are some of our first commitments to this work:

We are committed to including and amplifying more Black voices inside of our workshops. We are in the process of developing new prompts, videos, virtual events, and resources inside of our workshops to reflect this commitment.

We are committed to supporting Black leadership as Head Coaches inside workshops and in other leadership roles on our team. We want to create an environment where everyone can thrive and where our leadership reflects the diversity in our community.

We are developing a new Akimbo coach training program that centers on being anti-racist and uses these trainings as the gateway to deeper discussions about how we can contribute and show up as a community.

We will have supported space inside each of our workshops for our community to contribute honest and open dialogue to the long-term conversation on racial equity, systematic change, and white supremacy.

We are deciding how we can support more organizations whose work is vital to making the world more equitable and just. Work that we’re not equipped to do directly. Each year, since our founding, we have contributed as a company to a number of nonprofits. We will continue to make donations on a consistent basis moving forward.

We recognize that these changes aren’t enough. We can and will do more.

We are taking consistent, long-term steps that will make an impact.

If you have questions or thoughts, we hope you’ll share them with us directly at

We’re eager to do this work together with you.

The Akimbo Team